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Sup, ppl
Howdy, raiders. I like the way you show dem derps their real purpose 'n place, so i thought: Hey, quite a concept. And now i'm here for some heavy lulz and possibly.. Being a part of les raids. How can i actually help? Well. Being part-time nerdy boi gives me some perks in coding and sometimes - "megaprohax" (cracking into WPE-protected wifi-s and laughing retardedly). Also, got some understanding of russian and ukrainian langs, so trolling on political basis is also possible aaand.. even greeted. Honestly, i ain't got a lota-exp on organized stuff like this, yet.. I definitely wana get it, so pm me if ye want.

tl;dr - Got dem skills, looking for a team.
Welcome @bomzhkolyadun To Raid Forums...
Make sure to read the rules and have fun.

Sounds good, finally someone who isn't like "LOL I CAN DDOS".

You're very welcome, bruh.

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