Summer is coming
by barthomer - April 26, 2021 at 11:20 AM
Haha - definitely prefer the summer and getting outside. Hate the cold weather. I'll do a lot of work on my laptop outside when the weather heats up.
may summer slow the spread of covid virus
i hate summer bc its so fucking hot and i hate the mosquitos
I love summer and warm seasons, when you can move more and admire beautiful places while walking. I gained some extra weight this winter, so now I am trying to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. I am currently choosing a new seat for my bike based on these recommendations. I want to go on country trips through forests and mountains.
I really enjoy the spring when all the plants start blooming again and the days start getting longer. Just makes me happier.
SUMMER IS THE FUCKING BEST!!!! and this will be the last one you ever experience with any joy. Ice age is starting.

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