Summer is coming
by barthomer - April 26, 2021 at 11:20 AM
Summer is coming, i hate hot weather and i am curious if you computer gremlines hate the sun too? Winters are so much better as it is dark most of the time
I like the summer and the sun, Although I am a computer gremlin for work and night.
Yes, ıts hard to concentrate on hot summer. I perefer cold and dark nights. Best way to terrorize the web Smile
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Like those nights dark, but the warmth that doesn't come with it is always in for a sad time
Summer for sure. I can just turn a fan on if it gets too hot. And then I can have my windows open in the evening.
I love summer for sure, my favourite season tbh. Winter just feels more depressing for me
I like summers better, brother. I don't know why I get a different kind of pleasure.
i burn like a mofo >.<

BUT i like nights out in summer and lying hungover on a warm day in the shade getting ready for round two

winter is good as well cant be hating on warm fires and snow fun
(April 27, 2021 at 12:02 PM)Craze Wrote: I like summers better, brother. I don't know why I get a different kind of pleasure.

Because it is a different kind of pleasure  Tongue
Winter has surely its benefits too but I absolutely love summertime!
I can't stand the heat, but sun and sea are awesome to relax
Summer brings peace and a time
of relax, but is followed by a virtuous autumn.

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