Stupid SJW In Need Of Punishment
by NaeNae241 - 06-09-2019, 09:50 PM
So this idiot owns a server in a game called Mordhau, she bans people outside of in-game reasons (baffles me the most) and at random wasting people's 15-20 minutes of time per game round (time until you get rewarded for playing).
The reason she banned me was that My steam profile had a different political statement than hers in the bios(who the fuck even checks that). So, I was hoping you people could co-operate with me and spam her profile comment section.
Edit: Also please note I didn't act like a dick and I barely used the chat.

my bio for anyone questioning my motivesTransgenderism - Cosplaying as the opposite gender while living under the fantasy of being one. Sadly for the mentally disordered, it doesn't change your gender nor does it bend genes or facts

Just throw in anything that triggers the SJW's 

TL;DR: SJW baboon wastes time and I want to leave a mark on her steam profile for wasting my time and the time of other people (I've seen complaints on her profile + the same happened with my friends)


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(06-09-2019, 09:50 PM)NaeNae241 Wrote: ...

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Okay, so I have realized that you actually attacked the SJW great work. She turned off the comments so there's nothing more we can do.

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