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Stream Optimizer
I present to you, the Stream Optimizer! It is pretty much a .vbs agent that screws around with the settings of the victim's computer. If everything works, it will first display a fake error talking about an invalid stream key. After that, the file will proceed to open lemonparty and drops a few copies of itself around the victim's computer.

The victim will then not be able to access their drives, view any hidden files, and won't be able to delete the file. If explorer.exe somehow crashes, the victim is pretty much fucked at that point. If they somehow get a permissions error, ask them to run the script with admin privileges. 
Scan:!/resu.../extracted The Archive!/resu...05/regular The File
 3/43 The only popular AV that detects it is kaspersky, not sure how to get around it.
[Image: u9Fpr73.png]File Included: StreamOptimizer2015.vbs (The agent)

If this program gets approved, I would enjoy seeing it being used in raids.

Update(12/23/15): Wow, I actually got the program working this time. Added a few interesting payloads It now has multiple layers of encryption to lower the amount of AV that detects it.
Approved this is safe to download
This still seams dodgy as fuck, despite being approved.
Yeahh I wouldn't run this on your own machine at least use virtual box for testing.
(03-26-2015, 03:18 AM)Hitler0mac Wrote:  Yeahh I wouldn't run this on your own machine at least use virtual box for testing.

Yeah but I mean it just seems dodgy, people who you target would be hard fetched to run something like this I think.
You could easily hide it in a .jpg or something else after doing a bit of research on your target and what their most likely to fall for could even send them a fake high school newspaper or some shit with this hidden in the banner.
This is really well done, tried it out on my computer and got free bitcoins.
Wish I knew vbscript, this seems a lot cooler than batch.
I've coded things in vbs before but nothing this complex lol
(07-24-2015, 08:22 PM)noli777 Wrote:  I've coded things in vbs before but nothing this complex lol

Yeah, it was fucking difficult to code this and have it fully work afterwards.
why are you necroposting your own post lol.
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