Steam Give Away's [Active]

YES, this is EXACTLY what the title states. In this thread, i will be giving away various items through steam from various games, from CS:GO to Team Fortress 2, and more. This of course is done by me for free, but there will be simple tasks you MUST complete before applying for the giveaway (listed below), there will also be rules and guidelines, all very simple, and at the end of the day, you get the chance for a free item, value's will vary, and so will the outcomes, as every give away is decided by a program that will pick a random name out of all the name i have entered, which will be your rf usernames. Good luck! Due to low inventory atm these wont be regular, but soon there'll be alot of CS:GO give away's.

1. Once applied, do not post again, until next give away, unless you won last time.
2. If you win, you are not eligible to enter the next two giveaways, unless it is a special/bonus item.
3. DO NOT PESTER ME OR TRY TO EARN COOKIES TO WIN. This will NOT be rigged, and everyone has an equal chance. Petering or a kiss asses will be disqualified.
4. All guidelines MUST be followed, if not results in an instant disqualification.

1. You must be subscribed to my channel if you aren't already.
YouTube Channel:
2. You must have the game. It's a waste of an item if you are receiving it, but can't use it.
3. Your post must contain:
a.) Your Raidforums username (easy to copy pasta).
b.) Your Steam Trade Offer link.
c.) Evidence of guideline #1-2
d.) What item/s you are wanting. (You can apply for 2 max)
4. Wait.

If you want this to be a regular thing, then donations can help me out, you can send me ANYTHING, if i get a load of shitty skins for CS:GO, i can trade them up, get a better one then give that away. So whatever it is, whatever the game, anything is welcome, and you will be listed as a generous donator below, and given +Rep on rf depending on the donation.



CS:GO: AK-47 Elite Build (Field Tested)
[Image: 56b58f25c5b51d9023ae9ccb99deecd7.png]

Team Fortress 2: The Bazaar Bargain
[Image: c7b31ef9c8560ee4173db0ce44085b1e.png]
i really dont wanna win so ill just sub for fun cuz iam bored and i like dicks thats why i like the staff Kappa

PS:please dont ban me
You are a greedy sub pleb ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
yo i want the ak47 pls here is proof. i am subbed i have the game trade link

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