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Souljaboy exposes Drake for copying his Song
Souljaboy exposed Drake a few days ago for coping his song “Kiss me Thru The Phone”

Honestly Souljaboy is a moron and he dropships tons of shit, but this is pretty funny none the less his rise back to relevancy after all these years.
wrong it was not for kiss me thru the phone it was one of his different song he had from 2007/2006
[Image: qX32Lir.png]

he clout chasing
He also had the soulja game console thingy going on...
(01-20-2019, 01:44 AM)k0nduten Wrote:  He also had the soulja game console thingy going on...

Almost forgot about that. Guy is nuts.
Old drama dongs coming back for more. lol.

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