Sony Vegas or After Effects?
by IntexTV - 11-29-2018, 09:19 PM
Sony Vegas or After Effects?
I prefer Sony Vegas.
If you're doing only vlog/documentary/landscape/general shit videos then Sony Vegas
I prefer Sony vegas like you.!!!
I did not test After Effects, so I prefer sony vegas by far
Sony vegas, never used after effects
Both programs are good
These two programs serve entirely different purposes.
Sony Vegas is meant to be used as a video editor, After Effects is meant to be used as a compositor.
From a video editing standpoint, using After Effects would be a bit silly. Vegas would serve the purpose better. (Premiere Pro is better than Vegas though in this subject IMO)
For compositing though, or pretty much anything requiring lots of effects, Adobe After Effects is way more powerful. Vegas still supports motion tracking, effects, modifying transitions with graphs and other stuff. However, After Effects can do all of those things objectively better than Vegas can. After all, After Effects is an effects program, it's meant for this. Sony Vegas is not.
After effects have more possibilities but are more complicated in that case. If you are planning on using AE you should have a look at Premiere also, because it's easier to export items between them and so on.

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