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Something more fun than twitch please
Hello faggots

A few years ago we raided some funny shit at livepsychicsnetwork

What this site basicly is: There are these total fucktards who believe they have superpowers. They offer free public and also paid private readings. What this is is they basicly tell you shit like: "hmmm this card is gonna tell you you will find love" and shit like that. And they can astral project into your anus.

Now these people are great to fuck with. And it might be something more fun than fucking twitch channels we get all day everyday.

I would very much like to see these raids make a return. We had some great fun with this few years ago (before twitch) and it is definately worth a second try.

Only downside is you need a quick (disposable) account. So just get airmail or guirillamail or something.

System32 trolls are probably not gonna do it pretty well but it might require some more elaborate ruses where you start to tell them some fucked up story. Idk. It's mainly just fun because they believe they have supernatural psychic superpowers. Great to fuck with.

Just try to keep them in a public session for as long as possible. Tell them shit like: "yeah my friend X has had great stories and I wanna see if you are legit/worth the money. Especially if they have 10 "potential customers" also known as us, they are bound to stay in public sessions for longer.

Lemme hear what you think about this. I think it's time for some other streams instead of boring Twitch tbh smh fam

Its mostly fun because they actually keep on replying to the chat and dont just ignore the chat and keep on playing their shitty vidya.

It's what makes Twich raids suck so hard in my opinion
I think this would be great. A little change from the usual raids. If you can give out more details, on how to approach this, that would be great.
Well it seems they have updated some of their website since a few years ago so I am kinda trying to figure it out. It looks really shitty now tbh

Not everything is on livepsychicsnetwork itself but I also see they have other domains (Kasamba) and I dont see how to currently get a free session

Hold on, i'm trying to see if there is a better alternative
Goddamn, it seems like their entire site is fucked up now

Cant even get a free reading

shit man, it was much more fun few years ago

Maybe there is a better alternative
(09-26-2015, 07:16 PM)lelzlel Wrote:  Goddamn, it seems like their entire site is fucked up now

Cant even get a free reading

shit man, it was much more fun few years ago

Maybe there is a better alternative

If it doesn't work out, it was still a pretty good idea. At least you are trying to give us something different.

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