Something Just Punched a Hole In The Milky Way
by lettuce-eat - June 14, 2019 at 03:56 AM
They say this thing couldn't be a black hole because it would emit energy. They also said it couldn't be a rogue star because it was around 30-65 light years across. They narrowed it down to dark matter. They have no idea where it went either. If this thing were anywhere near us it would crush us like a Pepsi can. Let's hope it's not headed our way.

Quote:With no giant, bright objects visible zipping away from GD-1, and no evidence for a hidden, second supermassive black hole in our galaxy, the only obvious option left is a big clump of dark matter. That doesn't mean the object is definitely, 100%, absolutely made of dark matter, Bonaca said.


Here is a video about it:

I feel like I'm in an IRL Langoliers movie. Crazy stuff.
Thats crazy, probably some adavnced civilisaiton doing some tests
f5 refresh this thead plz
bullshit for me. Don't listen to unknown ...
wow nice article this is very interesting
it is so crazy... Cry
That's just how easily humanity could disappear ... In a Blink of a eye without ay warning ...
if trump had his space army, we would all be fine no matter what
Thanks for sharing! This is one of the things that creeps me out the most. Some major universe shit happening to us. Alien invasion also.
Feels like we're going to all die soon.

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