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Some of these prank calls are becoming an issue.

guess which big youtuber talked about the prank call?
I am being a hypocrite by posting this, but the calls are fucked up. They are getting to a point where people are risking having jail time and an extreme charge all over a giggle and to be on the news? if you keep doing these I will have great disrespect you. Now I will admit I enjoyed these call a ton, but never did I think about the outcome, or the conciseness.

The reason I joined this forum is because I thought that those calls where funny and that we would do them every night. I'm greatly sorry for everyone i have ever asked to do the ansul system for me. I never knew what great danger I Put them in.

I feel embarrassed to say that some of these calls where possibly influenced by my wanting and by my request. I hope you guys do not ever do this. At lest not for 2 or 3 months when the topic hopefully cools down. You can get yourself in deep shit if you do not know your way around with VPN's or ghosts.

Sorry for the long post but i hope you all read it, Have a good day


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