Social media hacking methods
by xD1ous77 - November 15, 2019 at 02:58 PM
just methods shit

1. Phishing. According to statistics, phishing is the most commonly used method of hacking Facebook accounts, which easily lures the more trustworthy and more inexperienced users. With this method, hackers create their own site that is not externally different from the login page in Gmail, Facebook or any financial institution. The user is tempted to visit the site via an e-mail that is allegedly written by the Facebook, Gmail or bank administration. It looks exactly the same as the original site. After entering the name and password, they are logged into the hacker server and the user is referred to the original site - Twitter, Instagram, etc. That's it. The account is already hacked.

2. Keyloggers. The keylogger is the easiest way to hack a Facebook profile. This is a very small program that records every pressed key on the keyboard, and this information is periodically sent to a hacker server. It is obvious that all passwords, bank accounts and other sensitive information are sent directly to hackers who then log in with your username and password in your account, read everything and use it to penetrate into other accounts.

3. Assigning a session. Session interception is extremely dangerous and is relatively easy to accomplish if you connect to Facebook through an unprotected HTTP connection. In this attack, hackers take text cookies from the victim's browser that are used to authenticate the user and log on to the account. A very common method of gaining access to a foreign account.

4. Botnet. Botnet attacks are not used very often, as they require significant cost of organizing and setting up many computer systems that need to act synergistically. They use compromised computers, mostly people who do not care about their information security, because they think they have nothing to hide. The botnet provides the same information as a keylogger, but there are a number of additional options for powerful attacks through compromised computer systems. One of the most popular botnets is Spyeye and Zeus.

5. Faceniff. Another very popular method of hacking on Facebook. This is an Android app (also for a PC) that scans wireless networks and suppresses the use of a secure Facebook connection and forces an unsecured connection to be used. Then one of the other methods described here is used. It works within the same Wi-Fi network and is often used in shopping malls and similar places. According to the latest information, this technique is being improved.
Thanks for the info bro....
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