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Social Autopsy Possibly the best service for RF members
Social Autopsy...

Social Autopsy is a service that was created to 'end cyberbullying' but has inadvertently made it a thousand times easier to dox and harass people. The owner and founder of the service thinks that young children SHOULD be placed in their database with Address, School, Age, Name and all social media accounts and other associated images. the owner is fucking retarded and have no idea how this can be used for malicious purposes.

Associated videos

Reminds me a little of

[Image: 1984-book-cover.jpeg]

Leave your thoughts and opinions below.
So it looks like SJW feminists actually came up with something that benefit us!
Let it happen and watch the kids cry about having 20000 pizza's sent to their house
Ban reason: Was given second chance but continued scamming users, [email protected] (Permanent)
(04-19-2016, 09:27 PM)MemeMachine Wrote:  Let it happen and watch the kids cry about having 20000 pizza's sent to their house

[Image: AwdZ3P.gif]
Inb4 they're stored in unsanitized SQL tables that are vulnerable to injection
most autistic idea ever LMFAO

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