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So whats your hobby?
Whats your hobby?


1. eating
2. sports
3. playing drums or saxophone 
4. Videogames 

k i am done
all in honesty, I have to say playing videogames lol

Martial Arts,
Drum kit,
League of DoTA.
Raiding and playing video games and DOXing people
I Masturbate a lot.
I Play Video Games
Usually Praying to Ayy Lmao
I play games from time to time and go to alot of parties.
Video Games
Watching Anime (call me a fucking weeb all you want I don't give a shit)
RF (obviously)
Drinking Coke

Video Games and Porn
My hobbies are mostly just playing video games, watching anime, and lurking around websites.
my hobbies include:

Fucking your mother
masturbating and gaming, no gfing

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