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So there is this pedo furry... (RAID)
I'm not really well known on here and I have not been active in about a year. I'm gonna try to keep this short, there is this community full of furfags that play this game called Animal Jam. Not too long ago a pretty popular animal jam YouTuber named Skorm got exposed for asking for nudes and talking to underaged girls through Instagram DMs. The community just let this go and he got away with being a complete fucking pedo. I have the resources and evidence of this (including Skorm's channel) what I say we do is dox Skorm and fuck up his life, Please help me take this fucker down.

My Discord Server for planing this shit -

Skorm Exposed Videos (Its legit i researched) -

Skorm's channel (Warning - GAY AF) -
your discord invite is invalid, probably not a infinite invite
probably not a infinite invite

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