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So how does one earn credits on this website?
I think I understand, but I just wanna be sure.
(04-05-2018, 03:54 AM)Random476 Wrote:  I think I understand, but I just wanna be sure.

Work for it and don't post random shit in random places.
There is a thread by the owner on this. Did you even look?
By posting threads and replying to threads.
(04-06-2018, 02:41 AM)quartzic Wrote:  By posting threads and replying to threads.

Only on specific sections right?
post threads and replies
Ok i think i understand now
It's literally the first post on this forum lol
Make posts and threads, contribute to database leaks, or you can buy them if you're really desperate for credits.
Yep its true. Help people interacting and gain some seeds of knowledge...
You get 1 point for replying to a thread and 2 points for posting a thread. Or go buy credits

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