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Snapchat screenshot without notification
Came across this app today:

Allows you to take a screenshot without people knowing.  Seems like it was just put on, but works for me!
I have that app, very useful. You could also use a screen recorder.
Screen Recorder is the way to go! Been using it for ages, it's failsafe and nobody suspects a thing! muhaha
there's also the xposed plugin for snapchat stuff. also pretty cool
I also heard of a trick with airplane mode, pretty sure it works
Snapchat++ for iPhone is better.
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Been looking for something like this again, I remember for awhile all the apps had stopped working/reported to snapchat. Thanks for the info!
If you have an iPhone, you can download SnapChat++ without needing to jailbreak and get this feature and tons more.
snappref for android but need xposed,root and old snapchat version lol
Nice way to spread Android malware Wink
Just download snapchat on an android emulator such as bluestacks, then just use printscreen to take screenshots. Also with the instant replay function built into nvidia graphics cards you can save snapchat videos or go back and screenshot a picture if you missed it.
Wait people know if I screnshot their posts now ? O.O

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