Sleepykinq Discord Server Raid
by nannerpuss77 - 04-08-2018, 03:49 AM
Recently, the Discord server for the YouTube meme animator Sleepykinq has been raided by users Jewish Sauce and Crocy (MLRC TPG), it is rumored that these people were hired by Toxikai, the ex-boyfriend of another meme animator who goes by the name Birdie.

[Image: image.png]
An image posted by one of the users of the Sleepykinq Discord showing Jewish Sauce planning the raid.
[Image: VZ8jI2K.png]
A screenshot of Corcy spamming a Moon Man video.

The Moon Man video that Corcy spammed.
First of all, it's Crocy, not Corcy, Thank you very much!
that is the most epic story i've ever headr

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