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Shoutbox Contents
Shoutbox back then:

" lets play niggerzbop lelz"

" lets say no audio lololol"

" no audioo"

" lets say he has system32"

Shoutbox now:

"wtf happened to shoutbox"

"this shoutbox is ugly"

"noooo why dis new shoutbox"

"omfg you dun fucked up the shutbox"

"im quiting raidferums bcs of shoutbox"
Where is the fucking shoutbox
its broken currently, 

everything in the world breaks, just relax new fags

bet you fagots don't even rember the day 4chan was offline, i was to busy fapping
The old shoutbox was vulnerable to an XSS vulnerability that staff is currently patching. The old shoutbox with the vulnerability patched will most likely be implemented within the website tomorrow. Be patient.

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