Should i buy ark or h1z1
any tips on which i should buy?
(04-20-2017, 08:22 PM)ramza75 Wrote:  any tips on which i should buy?

I remember asking same question and seeing this on reddit (still there):

Quote:I'll give you some opinions, having put in 400+ in H1Z1 and about 50 in Ark.

H1Z1 is a fucking awesome game. You will have moments that give you chills, or at least I did. Gathering, building, exploring, etc. all while thinking to yourself that a zombie or another player could be in the next house or beside a bush is a thrilling feeling. You can build bases, grow corn, make landmines, and raid other bases. However, besides the worn letters, there is really no "story" or end-game. No boss, no leveling up, no POINT to everything really. Once I finally made a sweet base and killed a few guys, I got to the point where I felt like the game wasn't really offering me anything new.

Ark is obviously similar in some respects, but to call it H1Z1 with dinos instead of zombies would be a travesty. Ark's basebuilding, NPCs, crafting, "end game" all appear to be further along than H1Z1. The bases a much better, the world is much more dynamic and varied, and there are "bosses", leveling, and what seems to me like a much bigger map. That being said, Ark is in its infant stage. Bugs are rampant, but the game is certainly not broken and it is very playable.
I'd say, if you want a couple weeks of fun right now, do H1Z1. If you want a game that's decent now but will become increasingly better, give ARK a try.
A final word, the ARK devs appear to be much more conscientious and PR friendly. Don't expect much from the Z1 devs.
lol neither just buy me MVP

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