Poll: Add Abaddon to HoA?
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Should Abaddon be added to the HoA?
Should user @Abaddon be added to the HoA based on what everyone has seen
in the Shoutbox? Vote in the poll above.

Below is a few screenshots from my personal collection  <3

[Image: c215edd1d041e999fa1ca6dc5f2a98de.png] --Abaddon1
[Image: 66689ea813fbbf150d5684d8beb49e41.jpg] --Abaddon2

[Image: af8b73baae99ebae0c3613be92618a9e.png] --Abaddon Cyberpolice
[Image: f65a3065673e416559389dd352349703.png] --abaddon the coder
[Image: 18b7482257145355de3834365724f049.png] --Attempt XSS on Streamer
Lmao of course we need to add him as a muslim coder hacker pro buisness dealer selling roblox maps
if people should be on the hoa for what they say, half this site would be on it
Clearly you do not know a troll when you see one. The sheer fact that you fail for this shit is why you should be added to HoA not to mention the time and dedication you put into making this when it was a troll.
yeah uhmmm u need a high quality image of his face unless u got one we cant add him sorry Wink

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