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Short Doxing Tutorial - Repost from dead website, not my tutorial
his tutorial is made with the purpose of outlining the process of a Twitch raid for people new to them. A lot of these steps can also be applied to raids where there is a target.

Finding Personal Info (Doxing)
The first step in raiding someone's Twitch should be finding their personal info. It's isn't always a straightforward process, and can sometimes include guesswork and assumptions, but if you generally follow the steps outlined below, you can get just about any target's personal info.

    Twitch Page
        Note the channel name and pseudonyms on the page.
        Some Twitch channels may also have links to social media accounts. Take note of these.
    Social Media Accounts
        Follow social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.) from Twitch, noting any different pseudonyms.
        Note any first/last names and city locations on these social media accounts. These will come into handy later.
        Remember to check any “About” pages – they might contain links to other social media accounts, names, locations, etc. Follow any social media accounts, repeating the same process.
    Getting More Info
    This is usually the harder part. Your goal at this step is to get the first name, last name, and city of the target using any info you found in the previous steps.
        Search Skype by the first and last name or any pseudonyms that you have. People sometimes include their first/last name and location in their Skype profile.
        If there are too many results, cross-reference them with any names, pseudonyms, and city locations that you have. Also take not of the accounts' icons.
            Once you have a Skype name, you can obtain their IP address (see the DDOSing section below to do this) and then use a site such as http://www.infosniper.net/index.php to geo-locate them to get their city location.
        Search Steam by known pseudonyms. People sometimes include their first/last name and location in their Steam profile.
        Search pseudonyms on Google. Sometimes people will create similar accounts for other things, and might post personal info in their profiles.
            "<pseudonym>" "<location>"
            "<pseudonym>" "<skype>"
            "<pseudonym>" "<game they play>"
            You can also include "<first name>" "<last name>" if you have either.
        If you are having trouble finding information related to your target, trying shortening their pseudonyms. While a person might be "hello123" on one site, they might be "hello12". Searching "hello" would usually be able to find both derivatives.
    Getting Addresses & Phone Numbers
    This is the final step in obtaining personal information. At this point, you should already have the target’s first and last name and city location.
        If your target is a kid: You won't be able to find their address online. Instead, do the following:
            Get the target’s Facebook if you don’t already have it using https://www.facebook.com/find-friends/. You can use their first/last name in the "Name" box and location in the "Current City" box to find it.
            Once you have their Facebook, go to their about page and see if they have any family members listed as their parents.
            If not, go to their friend page and search by the last name. Usually family members will pop up, and hopefully at least one of the parents is among them. Look for family members that seem to be about the right age for a parent and are living in the same city.
        If your target is an adult: You good
        Use an address-lookup site to find address & phone information on them. Even if you get back multiple results, you can cross-reference them with the approximate age of your target/target’s parent and people they know on Facebook. Here are some lookup sites for the US (search "<country> address lookup" on Google for another country)
            http://www.spokeo.com/ (apparently has username lookup – not sure how good it is)

For the next two sections (DDOSing and Taking Control), make sure to use a VPN to not get IP-banned by Twitch among other things.

    Hola: Extension for Chrome/Firefox, and an app for Android
    CyberGhost VPN
    Browsec: Extension for Chrome


    Getting the IP address
        See above on how to obtain your target’s Skype name.Use a Skype resolver in order to obtain the target’s IP address.
    Use one of the following tools to DDOS the IP you have (remember to use your VPN):

Taking Control

    "Twitch Support"
        Make TwitchSupport_<Name> accounts on both Twitch and Skype.
        Make the profiles believable: icons should be a Twitch (https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/509...dty6yd.png or https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/234...f8x8rc.png), and the location on Skype should be listed as San Francisco, CA where Skype headquarters is.
        Preferably get at least one other "Twitch Support" person to help you out. That way you can say "let me talk to my supervisor" or other things that would make you believable.
    Twitch Support to the Rescue
    Now that you have a believable Twitch support, you goal is to persuade your target to trust you to fix something.
    You can perform all of these either with the support of other raiders or through the use of multiple accounts (or even by yourself if they believe your Twitch Support enough).
        Mic Muted
        Have stream viewers claim that their mic is muted.
        Laggy Steam
        Have stream viewers claim that the stream is laggy.
        System32 Virus
        Have everyone paste the following in chat exactly as it appears:
        /me <Message deleted by System32>
        Twitch Issues
        Have the TwitchSupport account(s) claim that they have noticed issues with the person’s Twitch account.
    Achieving Something
    ?Once you have convinced the target that TwitchSupport is there to help, either call them on Skype or ask them to call you on Skype. From there, the goals are typically as follows:
        Goal 1: Obtaining the Stream Key
        It helps to be recording your/their screen at this point in case they show the key, but decide not to give it to you.
            As TwitchSupport, convince them that you must obtain some information from their Twitch to help them (the stream key). Do one of the following:
                Straight up get them to go to their stream key page if they’re gullible enough (http://www.twitch.tv/<username>/dashboard/streamkey) and give it to you
                Use a remote desktop tool like http://www.teamviewer.com/en/index.aspx
                    Go to the bottom of the page, change the language so they are less likely to understand what you’re doing and then go to the stream key page
                Disguise the stream key page as a bit.ly and then convince them to click the link and then click the show key text
            Once you have the key, convince them to restart their computer or stream so you may gain access ("to fix the issue, you need to restart")
        Goal 2: Del System32
            Convince them that you can fix it with the following program: http://stepte.ch/audiofix/
            Have them download, extract, and run the file

That's just about everything I could think of. Tell me if I need to add or fix something.
Good thread really helped me out thanks!
(03-26-2015, 07:24 AM)swag Wrote:  Good thread really helped me out thanks!

Glad it helped you, its what I used when I got started 2 months ago as a basic guide.
"Disguise the stream key page as a bit.ly and then convince them to click the link and then click the show key text"

How do i do that.
(04-03-2015, 08:16 PM)Hawkins Wrote:  "Disguise the stream key page as a bit.ly and then convince them to click the link and then click the show key text"

How do i do that.

Well in twitch.tv/YOURNAME/dashboard/streamkey you can view the stream key. Replace it with their name and then URL shorten it on bit.ly and get them to click it and show the key.
but wat if websit waz nut kil.
(04-11-2015, 09:37 AM)Senpai notice me or else Wrote:  but wat if websit waz nut kil.

Please do not shitpost to get up your post count.
this is fucking amazing thank you so much
This post made me hard
(05-04-2015, 02:05 AM)YodasCocaineDealer Wrote:  This post made me hard

In a good way or a bad way?
Thanks now I can be a l33t 4gag h4xor
Alot of help, thanx so much xD

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