Sexual Predator Sever (Please Raid)
by TheCommisar - July 02, 2019 at 02:22 AM
Scratch, or superscathcat is an artist who has made several attacks against his fans, using his shitty clout to get his fans to do sexual acts for him.

1. He has openly admitted to sexual Assaulting some of his fans
2. He has made his fans attack his victims who have Publicly  denounced his actions 
3. Several Videos have been made against him
4. He has allegedly sexually assaulted one of his fans at an anime convention  in North Carolina, His home state 

His Youtube Channel:

One of his Alleged victims(She was 15 during the situation)
Analysis of the Video:

Here's a dox Smile) took 2 mins

but imo that girl didn't reject him, he asked multiple times if she was uncomfortable, she said no and kept it going.

He's 18 now, at the time he was like 16/17, they were both minors, regardless NC Age of consent is 16. Meaning what they did was completely legal.

It wasn't illegal, and he's not a sexual predator, he's just a retard, he didn't use his fame to prey on her. They spoke for a while prior to dming, and she kept it going. They were both minors.

I just did the dox for meme purposes & boredom, i don't give a fuck. But regardless, i don't think he's at fault. They're both just retarded teens.

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