Server filled with racist, pedos and fairies
by Danthemanlyman - May 05, 2019 at 04:24 AM
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Found this server in another thread, please read the shit out of them and report them for being hypocritical pedophiles. They also make skin swap edits of other artists work and don't give credit to the artist. So we can add art thieves to that list as well. Plus these fags are always trying to get people to click on a link to their booru through rule 34.

They changed the dam invite after I sent it lol. Go nuts
Wow these fags keep on changeing it now that their getting called out for their gay shit XD

Keep it up y'all.
They keep on changing it because they know how cringy it all is. If anyone has a link fill free to toss it in here. Fags the banned me.
Thanks for trying but they keep on the invite link.
To anyone wondering the server is called the BLEACHED server. Like blacked only not original at all

These sick fucks made an entire booru, now that the blacked booru got nuked for having Loli shit (thank God)let's see if we can get this one nuked as well. Report when you have the time. Prob not gonna be any updates since they banned me from the server and keep changing the invites.

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