Serious spam
It came to my attention this person called @Predator is seriously spamming the introductions.
Pls perma ban him!
I don't know what [Owner] rank is, but i will be happy to take over that rank from him.

Proof (pages and pages of the same message):

Tnx in advance,
i agree.
Ban, IP leak, and released DOX immediately Kappa
Yup. Ban him. His introduction message seriously scarred me.
I don't think we should ban him. I think we should praise his persistence and investigate his odd interest in the Introductions section of the forums.
Yea hes a 1337 haxor, he ddoxed me with loic Cry
Predator is the biggest fucking skid i know. If he doesnt kill himself i will cry
(10-10-2015, 03:00 AM)Lel Wrote:  Yea hes a 1337 haxor, he ddoxed me with loic Cry

Nice memes
Yes, why isnt this done yet?
/moved to shitbox
I am pretty sure that Predator is the owner of Raidforums

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