Serious Question. Keepo
I'd probably join in. Who doesn't want to fuck their 45 year old son in an MLP costume with minion hentai?
get a rifle and fill him with bullets then bury him in the wood out back
Immediately pull out a 9 millimeter, shoot him in the leg and listen to him scream. Then proceed to gag him while I talk shit about him.
After that I'll drag him into a small room with nothing in it and lock him in there and let him rot like the fat fuck he is.
Then, when he's malnourished and about to die, I'll walk into the room and stare at him, and make sure the last thing he sees is my cold, unapproving stare.
He'll beg me to stop this inhumanity, this is when I shoot him in the brain mid-sentence.
I'll gut the pig and devour his meaty entrails.
With blood on my face I'll stand up and stare at him. A mighty grin will form on my face, ear to ear.
I will leave the room and lock it, leaving his body to decompose.

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