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Serious Discussion *drama*
*feel free to leave your own input on the issue below, regardless of if you agree or disagree

It seems like there's been waaaay more drama lately than usual and it seem like this is due to the immediate surplus of Mods.
But that's just my reasoning for it.
It seems most of the drama in the SB is just Moderators fighting over what classifies as 'against the rules' or 'not against the rules'.
A lot of the time it's due to the fact that a certain Moderator likes or dislikes the person in question and thus uses that to justify why they should or should not be banned.

Another thing is, you guys really seem to like to justify your shitty behavior with 'they were asking for it' or 'they made themselves an easy target'.
If a person gets doxed, regardless of how new or ignorant they are to the asshole behavior of most of rf, they get told they made themselves an easy target. When they did nothing in the first place to be worthy by anyone's standards for getting doxed.

I think it's time that somebody made the rules more clearer, because lately it seems like you guys are bending what classifies as a ban or doesn't just so it fits to who you like/dislike. The rules are actually fairly simple and easy to follow, but for some reason you guys are acting like they aren't and thus this is leading to tons of arguments in the shoutbox that could easily be handled via, I don't know, staff chat?

With that being said, there's also been a lot of debate on which classifies as releasing another RF member's info or not.
Can Moderators just come to terms on what is worthy of ban and what isn't? Or perhaps handle the issue in a more private chatbox other than the shoutbox?
It really just fuels more arguments.

a user posts another RF user's picture in the sb = PERMA BANNED
MORE THAN ONE user posts a DEV's picture in the sb = no ban or anything at all?

Case in point, everybody needs to get their shit together.
We've had MODs taking breaks to get away from the drama.
We've had users leaving RF because nobody raids anymore.

We need to fix this and stop raiding eachother more than we do actual raids.


**why I just fuck around in sb now and dont ban unless it is a clear rule being broken**
(08-23-2015, 04:18 AM)Vanissery Wrote:  **why I just fuck around in sb now and dont ban unless it is a clear rule being broken**

**why you're one of my fav mods**
(08-23-2015, 04:18 AM)Vanissery Wrote:  **why I just fuck around in sb now and dont ban unless it is a clear rule being broken**

Vanissery, you know we all love you bby.

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