Sending some strength and love to @Jaw
by Sosolapute - April 29, 2021 at 07:13 PM
Made me think something happened to him lol
Would it make you feel better if RF admins just sat in a hot tub and livestreamed in bikini's so everyone knows they care?

I appreciate the effort of staff but you goons need to chill lul. No one in this thread (including me) probably have any clue of what goes on behind the scenes and so speculating, making accusations and then bluntly rimming every staff members asshole in a single thread (no matter how well deserved) is not the right look. None of the staff to my knowledge do this for praise and were likely aware of the volatile situation of being staff on a leak forum. I can only assume the drama constantly brought up by us in community is more annoying than the inner fights they may have.
My guy suckin dick for awards or what?
I don't know anyone or what they've done, but if he's staff then yeah, they've done a good job. The 'inner circle' here is solid.

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