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Script /memcached Proof of Concept spoofed source UDP packets
[Image: DXtTTanW4AAH9Gj.jpg]

[Image: DXtHcf3XkAEDNCq.jpg]

Proof of concept code for Memcached DDoS attacks published online

The proof of concept code to run massive DDoS attacks using unprotected Memcached servers has been published online this week, along with a ready-made list of more than 17,000 IP addresses belonging to vulnerable Memcached servers.

Two, and not one, of such proof-of-concept (PoC) utilities have been released, both unique in their own way.

PoC -1

The first is a Python script called which scans Shodan for vulnerable Memcached server IP addresses and allows a user to launch a DDoS attack against a desired target in a matter of seconds after executing the tool.

Compile: gcc memcached.c -o memecached -pthread

Usage: %s <target IP> <port> <reflection file> <threads> <pps limiter, -1 for no limit> <time>

Script:   Dodgy
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