School Changes?
by Silyonix - September 14, 2017 at 03:58 AM
Recently my school has had people coming around asking us what we would like changed in our school, like more specialized classes and and teachers to move away from auditory teaching, and even to start the school later on in the day.

So I was wondering what you guys would change about your school or school experience.
More movies and hot teachers
Less goddamn useless 'packets' of 'work' to do.
I would like my school to be more modern, have teachers that actually can explain things and not just read a wikipedia article of the topic & less work
more attention to cyber security indeed because it's something we all deal with. Also some more interactive classes I think Smile
Sem is right
more hot teachers! ;P
More corporal punishment so you bitch ass pussy faggots learn how to behave and study properly.

School these days sounds more like some pastime activity instead of something productive that gets you ready for the hard cruel world you'll end up in once you grow up.
Lots of kids these days think life is about smartphones, social media, only their life counts, autism, clothes and unicorns,...
Reality gonna hit so hard in a few years when there is noone to complain to about the "hard" work you have to do or to protect your weak ass.

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