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Sam pepper give up on all social media (except his tumblr)
[Image: HLjVioP.png]

[Image: wcs6rWE.png]

[Image: 3g41k3w.png]

[Image: SnH2bD6.png]

Press f to pay respects
Ban reason: Posting ip logger in sb. (Permanent)
Woohoo! Bumping so everyone can see the great news.
better not be a prank from Sam
[Image: a2c1e30da0cef8525c100d13298ad1a6.png]
He's still on tumblr so he can show pics of his cuts
He's gonna come back next week and say "it's just a prank bro"
I would press F to pay respects. Except I don't respect him.

[Image: b3c708750be8353d3649bedae1179d6aa6832151_full.jpg]
im sad because now im missing out on all of his high quality pranks

"its just a prank, bro" - sam pepper, some year that i dont know
FUCK, I was waiting for his next video.
"SCHOOL SHOOTING - FAMILY EDITION (Social experiment)(Gone Sexual)✓✓✓"

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