[Sale-Sample] Malaysian Armed Forces Data Leak
by VviperR - September 26, 2021 at 03:53 PM

I have an exclusive leak for Malaysian Armed Forces Data.
The database contains some interesting data such as name, mobile phone, citizenship id, military number, and a few more.

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if you are interested for more, hit my inbox and we'll discuss further

Thank you
What does the teaser contains? How many lines out of total breach?
How many lines are there?
can we have more information mate...!!!
can you please share some sample.........
here you go the sample. only cunts hide samples under hide

490920045047,27403,ZAKARIA BIN JALIL ,175545892,[email protected],8091A5AA7462636167,490920045047,ZAKARIA BIN JALIL ,V1029474,27403
570520056054,28465,Siti salbiah binti kassim,183709135,[email protected],8091A5AB7468656167,570520056054,Siti salbiah binti kassim,V1029953,28465
481119085217,29616,haro [email protected] rashid bin amir,126236020,[email protected],8091A5AC7663666167,481119085217,haro [email protected] rashid bin amir,V1045654,29616
reported for charging 8 creds. on only 3 lines of info what a fag
also enticing sales
You cannot post samples of databases here just to entice sales, if you want to sell databases please use the correct forum Leaks Market.

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