SQL xcoins.io HelpDesk Backup Database 1.7 GB
by sqlmonster - December 08, 2020 at 10:47 AM
xcoins.io HelpDesk Backup Database 1.7 GB asĀ .sql

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> + 25K Username, Email, Name, Surname

> HelpDesk Messages from 2016 to 2020

Sample UsersSpoiler
,('U', 11, 'Matthew J Bellafaire', '[email protected]\n18108870048')
,('U', 14, 'Sabrina D Bishop', '[email protected]\n(619) 867-6308')
,('U', 16, 'Nadi', '[email protected]\n(202) 415-7497')
,('U', 19, 'Kyle Mandeville', '[email protected]\n(401) 429-3355')
,('U', 20, 'Nathan D Silver', '[email protected]\n(865) 566-1389')
,('U', 23, 'TAM', '[email protected]\n(480) 221-7859')
,('U', 25372, 'Nickel Corneal', ' [email protected]\[email protected]')
,('U', 25374, 'Joshua Kwentoh', ' [email protected]\[email protected]')
,('U', 25375, 'Oyenihi emmanuel', ' [email protected]\[email protected]')
,('U', 25379, 'Lauren Foster', ' [email protected]\[email protected]')
,('U', 25380, 'Anders Taucher', ' [email protected]\[email protected]')
,('U', 25381, 'Ngan Nguyen', ' [email protected]\[email protected]');

Sample Messages LinesSpoiler
,('H', 268852, '', 'I send 0.10327 btc on my wallet and i did recive btc?')
,('H', 268862, '', 'Please check my account because I sent bitcoin to my wallet and dosent received ...[br][br]My wallet addresss is 37kYoD7R9djB2JXUGmHJQy9qCYSnZJFV7F[br][br]Tehnicaly I receive it in acoount but after thhat all my bitcoins gone in other wallets ... why ?')
,('H', 268863, 'Deposit bitcoin', 'Please check my account because I sent bitcoin to my wallet and dosent received ...\rMy wallet addresss is 37kYoD7R9djB2JXUGmHJQy9qCYSnZJFV7F\rTehnicaly I receive it in acoount but after thhat all my bitcoins gone in other wallets ... why ?')
,('H', 268902, '', 'Ok hash is 10c5a6155bd5bc6f9f6ca2b8ec9b8256bff847e6cfdb523d80ecafc92c979488 I really dont understand how it is possible ... Bitcoin arrives in my wallet.. i didnt saw it... And after that instantly... Gones in other wallet... Please try to fix this issue... And give an explayn about that... I\'m not happy with this sittuations... Get BlueMail for Android On Mar 20, 2020, at 16:53, \" xCoins.io Support\" [email protected]> wrote:')
,('T', 25927, '70-5129-1659 i have forgotten my password and i have been given', 'Cannot login')
,('T', 25980, '30-0430-7261 i reset my password', 'Cannot login')
,('T', 28531, '75-7134-7994 I try to reset my password.', 'Other issue')
,('T', 29248, '11-8605-1516 I still can\'t recover my password and funds!', 'Cannot login')
,('T', 30094, '25-9901-2675 i have tried to reset my password multiple times', 'Cannot login')
,('T', 31816, '65-4546-0621 my password won\'t work nor new one.Can\'t get in.', 'Other issue')
,('T', 32953, '47-4554-3550 change my password', 'Other issue')
,('T', 32966, '35-5611-3759 im trying to recover my password', 'Cannot login')
,('T', 34288, '91-1368-4554 Every time I try to login my password won
,('T', 35995, '64-5727-1785 Set my password up???', 'How do I?')
Michael Nale On Jul 27, 2020, at 9:53 AM, xCoins.io Support wrote:
,('H', 276418, '', 'Hi Patrick, Thank you for the quick response. And indeed, you\'ve reimbursed this transaction in my lenders account. Thanks for that. Good to hear that this borrower is banned. Thanks again! Kind regards, Rick Mooijman The Netherlands Van: xCoins.io Support Verzonden: maandag 27 juli 2020 19:02 Aan: Ricky Mooijman Onderwerp: Re: Paypal dispute lost [#22-6007-0786]')
,('H', 276419, '', 'Hi Patrick, thank you very much for your fast reply! I have been using a private Paypal account indeed, so I have accepted the payments manually, now. As you suggested, I have upgraded to a Paypal Business account now. I have noticed that I have received quite a few loans yesterday, but at some point the loans have stopped, meaning I have not received any new loans for about 16 hours. I was just wondering, what can be the reason for that. Since I used a private Paypal Account and have not approved the payments instantly, a few of my borrowers have canceled the payment. (For example transaction #FSXGLO7CQ9) Can that be the reason? I mean, does that have any consequences on my rating as a lender? Or are there other reasons for not receiving new loans? I have already unchecked the \"Increase the lending volume gradually\" option. I just want to make sure that there are no issues with my account, yet. (Account e-mail address: [email protected] ) Thank you very much in advance for your help! Best Regards Artjom Am Mo., 27. Juli 2020 um 21:48 Uhr schrieb xCoins.io Support [email protected]>:')
wow thank you for sharing it.
nice db, thank you for sharing it.
thanks youuu bro very oneeeeeeeee
thank you brooo, interesting db.
youre welcome, enjoy it.
thank you for sharing it.
(December 08, 2020 at 09:46 PM)projew Wrote: nice db, thank you for sharing it.

Hey i saw ur post on Indian databases and i guess u have downloaded the data base. Can u share then with me please
thank you for sharing it.
It was really cool. I found many useful data. Thanks for sharing again.
vaovv thanks bro it is amazing

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