SQL database repair software
by JamesSpears - 11-10-2017, 11:58 AM
SQl database gets corrupted or damaged and it needs to be repaired so that the other data cannot get round of it. The MDF files also called as the master data files which are the primary data files stored in MS SQL database. As MDF files are the base files of all the primary data, any type of damage to these files may result in the fall down of the whole SQL database.Therefore in such situation, recovery tool is required which can fix the corruption issue and also recover the data from it. Here SQL Repair Tool will be helpful in repairing the database. It restores the damaged file and not only that but it also repairs objects, tables, default constraints, rules, indexes etc.

Available at :- http://recoverpcfiles.com/sql-database-recovery.html
Seems legit asf to be honest bro
awesome. Looks like a good tool that I will check out.

THis looks awesome. I will check it out for my SQL DB

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