SOCKS4 Deteriorating Proxy Bastard
by scumdestroy - May 13, 2021 at 04:26 AM
I'm a let these just soar free through the forum for all my  morally-aligned brothers and sisters living good and free each day

life is a blessing, dont be an infectiously sad fag because your poisoned weak view of the world has your mind all retarded and you dont realize you're smart enough to find a way out of the retardation clouds
call your mom, dude.  seriously man.
learn something new.  like meaningful will actually help you in some way and then share that knowledge with someone else

well, here are the proxies but the real valuable shit is just above this sentence.  unless you already figured it out, in which case, keep on taming that electric hell storm and drop out of life


$0X IV::

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