by xxDIMAxx - October 31, 2019 at 07:37 PM
Hi guys please can someone help to find an account with gta 5 ? just nedd to enter one time banned or not on gta5 its dosent mater .
i just need good combo
i can give rainbow six siege and other game that i have on ubisoft account and its moddable you can change email ...just find me gta 5 on social club .. please thnks
AFTER 4 days and 3 nights i bomb pc and email check and i find my personal way to find social accounts ..with your tools but with my personal mode i do it ..omg it was club accounts find a lot with gta 5 but .....or they are linked to steam account or just cant install it ..BUT i continue continue and i find what i search IAM HAPPY..Mission complete iam happy i dont lose my time i do what i nedd ! Thanks .Thread can be closed !!!!!
GUYS Any way if you dont have an acces to email ... rockstar Assistanze Comeback profile to real person who buy it ..

i hacked 3 account with GTA 5 !!
Sow i chage all data email password nocik . friends elimineted .. and Then ..About 10 hours ROCKSTAR Cahnge all data of maybe no rockstar i dont know ...
i receive email you account (hacked before with gta 5) you email change alla data change ....

Sow i do it for 3 times and all time after 10 hourse ROlleback account... SOW ... No good...

Sow i think yeah if you enter in email ok you can delete all trace and he can recover ,,.. but enyway can request assistance and rockstar work realy fast to recover accounts !!!!!!!! UNFORTUNALY FOR ME:...

I JUST NEED ACCOUNT TO LOGIN TO RAGE MP Some one can give me account for 1 minute i login ,verify data ,and log in rage ... Shet when i have thats 3 account i think ok i did it and go to sleep .or i play multyplayer ...shet then they recover it and i dont instal rage ...fu--- my error 3 times....
Lol this thread is a roller coaster, wish i could help but good luck for your mental health's sake Smile

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