SELLING a ebook of <The Three-Body Problem>
by dark duck - November 20, 2021 at 02:01 PM
a ebook of <The Three-Body Problem> 
Three-Body" is a series of long science fiction novels created by Liu Cixin. It consists of "Three-Body", "Three-Body II·Dark Forest", "Three-Body III·Eternal Life of Death". 》 Magazine, the second part was first published in May 2008, and the third part was published in November 2010.
The work tells about the information exchange, life-and-death struggle between human civilization and trisolaran civilization on the earth, and the rise and fall of the two civilizations in the universe. The first novel was translated by Liu Yukun and won the 73rd Hugo Award for Best Novel.[5]
On September 23, 2019, the novel was selected into the "70 Novels Collection in 70 Years of New China". In April 2020, it was included in the "Reading Guidance Catalogue for Primary and Secondary School Students (2020 Edition)" of the Basic Education Curriculum and Textbook Development Center of the Ministry of Education. [4] On September 1, 2020, Netflix announced that it would put the trilogy of the long science fiction novel "Three-Body" written by Liu Cixin on the screen and shoot an English TV series

if you want it you can pm me

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