SELLING Web Mailers Store- Sale Access Leaf PHPMailers - SMTP server for spam
by sherxan - November 18, 2021 at 12:22 AM
[Image: Screenshot-2021.png]Web Mailers Store - Main commodity Leaf PHPMailers

Welcome to the online Web Mailers store. On our store we sell only scripts (Leaf PHP Mailers) and by now it only works with (Perfect Money) payment systems. Our online store is designed specifically for your comfort and and it works automatically.
Picture of the site page:
[Image: sherxan1.jpg]

Video demonstration of the site:Spoiler

Instruction scripts Leaf PHP Mailers
[Image: leaf-phpmailer.png]

Leaf PHPMailer is a PHP mailer hacktool that lets an attacker send out large amounts of malspam emails from a compromised website’s web server.When the tool is loaded, it leverages the LeafPHP mailer library to distribute the spam. It contains various text fields that allow the attacker to input custom data for important email fields.
Email = The email address that will be forged as the “From:” address
Sender Name = The name of the forged sender Email address – for example, this fake PayPal Support name in this screenshot:
[Image: Screenshot.png]
Reply-to = The email address that will receive any replies to the sent email, may be left blank if no reply expected
Subject = String of text used to capture attention
Message Letter = Body content of the email
Email List = A list of recipient email addresses
These fields make it easy for the attacker to forge email headers to manipulate the appearance of the sender and deceive recipients, masking the true source of the email.
After inputting the desired values for the text fields, the attacker hits Send to dispatch the emails to the recipients. If the email successfully reaches their inbox, the email contents look similar to the following:
[Image: Screenshot-28.png]

Video demonstration scripts - Leaf PHP MailersSpoiler
[Image: Screenshot-2021.png]Web Mailers Store - Main commodity Leaf PHPMailers

Good store Pjsalt
(November 18, 2021 at 11:48 PM)grdon4ik Wrote: [Image: Screenshot-2021.png]Web Mailers Store - Main commodity Leaf PHPMailers

Good store Pjsalt

  Muinu Thank you very much for your wonderful feedback and attention to our work. we really appreciate that we have such responsive customers as you.
Everything is super, thanks to the creator of the site!
I have been looking for such a project for a long time
Bought access, instantly received the goods. satisfied with the system everything was at the highest level.
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