by LACASADE UBEL - May 13, 2021 at 06:27 AM

Panel AttributesSpoiler

• Android Version.

• Bot IP Address

• Bot Admin/Injection Status

• Date of First Installation

• Cellular Operator

• Bot Region

• Bot IMEI (If not censored)

• Available Banks/Social/Crypto Applications

• Device Last Online Status

• Traffic Key Modifier

• Delete Bots

• Inbuilt- Application Builder

• Mass Command Execution

• Bot Filter (Online/Offline/Dead)

• Live Notifications from the Bot.

• App Filter Tables (Social/Crypto)

• Traffic between Server And Bot is Encrypted with AES-256

Bot AttributesSpoiler

• Send SMS - send SMS with the specified text to the target number.

• USSD - execute a USSD request.

• Mute the sound - Sets Volume Mode to Ringer.

• SMS Interception - Intercepts Incoming SMS.

• Start Application - launch the application specified in the command.

• Device Administrator - Prompts for Device Administrator Permissions.

• Get All Installed Applications - Fetch Installed applications.

• Keylogger - Capture Keystroke logs

• Call Forwarding  -  Start/Stop Forwarding Calls

• Open Link in Browser - open the specified link in the browser.

• Two Factor Authentication -  Grabs Google 2FA Codes.

• Stock/URL Injection - Ability to use stock injections provided by Server or User can provide through URL.

• RPM (VNC)  - Ability to control the bot screen (remote mouse and clicks).


• App works on 5.0 and above only (Works on 90% of the tested devices).

• Auto Permission currently works only on few Sony/Samsung/HTC Phones.

• LockScreen is Censored on 10.0 devices and the screen is obstructed.

• RPM is currently working on 98% of the devices tested so far.

• Accepted Crypto's:  Monero/Dash/ETH/Bitcoin and no refunds.

• Verify twice by contacting us again after adding on key base/jabber.

Contact Spoiler

• Keybase: lacasa_de_ubel

• Jabber : [email protected]

Partnerships/Retailers Spoiler

• To become a reseller of this product, contact us.

• For any commercials, contact us on keybase/jabber. We have many contacts working for Antivirus Companies and they would
market your product through their Twitter accounts  (MalwareHunterTeam and CPR).

• 50% OFF to those who trade Cerberus Android Auto Permissions/Click Code (not the public GitHub version).

Bot License Cost Spoiler

1200$  - 40 days

3000$  - 3 months

6500$  - 8 months

Still Going Well. Feel free to question anything.

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