SELLING SunTzu Ransomware SourceCode *Unreleased*
by DaVinciPR - November 05, 2021 at 11:16 PM
The Davinci Group.
Today we are releasing a new malware aptly titled "SunTzu" It is a new version of ransomware solely developed by the group.
WHAT IS IT?Spoiler
SunTzu is a complex and private cryptor built for Windows machines. It takes control of the computer by encrypting the entire disk using the AES-256 algorithm. It has never been used or scanned in the wild.
Disable network connections (outbound / inbound) Disable tskmngr Disable explorer Disable assistance Disable recovery Crypt every dir file on the machine (no possibility to decrypt) Drops README.txt with description of what happened, to solve the problem Drops XMR address to send funds
[Image: SRC-20211104-185103.jpg]
We ask for 10,000USD IN XMR. We ask that you not waste yours and our time. For those that are interested in buying our malware you can PM us and we will provide you with a code and a link to contact us.
We opened a New communication method for Potential Buyers:
(No response from both Parties within a 38 Hour Period will = Buyer being Kicked to Reduce any Wasted time.)
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Bumping to increase visibility among forum users
nigga gave me a few DBs for a good price so highly recommend em
Do you have any companies that you have encrypted?
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No Sharing ransom in this forum
This forum account is currently banned. Ban Length: Permanent (N/A).
Ban Reason: Selling Fake Exploits
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Price Has been lowered to a reasonable amount
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Is this still available to buy? Also the telegram link is down.

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