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SELLING Selling Facebook Database 267 Million
by Expert - March 18, 2020 at 07:53 PM
(March 18, 2020 at 11:58 PM)Xer0x Wrote: Phone number isnt real...also the 267ML leak never included email.

I did manage to download this leak while it was exposed, never bought it or traded, and this is how the orignal data was formatted for me, anything else has been tampered with or its a different leak. tread carefully because I could not even find his test record in my DB

For reference this is what a leak should look like.. His is pretty close, but like I said Email was never exposed. and Lori McAvin never appears in the DB I have.

{"_index":"uid","_type":"uid","_id":"100009571953268","_score":1,"_source":{"first_name":null,"year_dob":null,"relation_ship":null,"location":null,"month_dob":null,"@timestamp":"2019-01-22T19:30:57.594Z","@version":"1","uid":"100009571953268","gender":null,"phone":"14073385345","email":null,"day_dob":null,"fullname":"Darlene Torres","last_name":null}}
{"_index":"uid","_type":"uid","_id":"100009577043041","_score":1,"_source":{"first_name":null,"year_dob":null,"relation_ship":null,"location":null,"month_dob":null,"@timestamp":"2019-01-22T19:31:04.981Z","@version":"1","uid":"100009577043041","gender":null,"phone":"12146687050","email":null,"day_dob":null,"fullname":"Sonia Williams","last_name":null}}
{"_index":"uid","_type":"uid","_id":"100009577144477","_score":1,"_source":{"first_name":null,"year_dob":null,"relation_ship":null,"location":null,"month_dob":null,"@timestamp":"2019-01-22T19:31:05.005Z","@version":"1","uid":"100009577144477","gender":null,"phone":"18017628278","email":null,"day_dob":null,"fullname":"Angel Mario Suarez","last_name":null}}
{"_index":"uid","_type":"uid","_id":"100009575447505","_score":1,"_source":{"first_name":null,"year_dob":null,"relation_ship":null,"location":null,"month_dob":null,"@timestamp":"2019-01-22T19:31:02.719Z","@version":"1","uid":"100009575447505","gender":null,"phone":"14027066865","email":null,"day_dob":null,"fullname":"Jose Hernández","last_name":null}}

Also side note I gave someone here a 50k Sample, and they turned out to not be a serious buyer, so if you are offered a 50k sample be careful or PM and I can verify if its the same sample I sent.

totally agree with you.. and the leak only has US/UK/Vietnam data, correct?
do you have some from mexico?
This is a bump! ! Please contact me if you need cheap bases!
This forum account is currently banned. Ban Length: Permanent (N/A).
Ban Reason: This user is suspected of scamming as when I tried to middleman a deal he denied to trade, a deal he offered here on site via a thread. https://i.imgur.com/064SECe.png
Is Scammer, his tricked me.
I warned you all, I have the database and told you his sample did not exist and was fake!

any serious buyers interested can PM me.
please dont help me if you do not want.
Verified SCAMMER! Took money but never delivered. His telegram - ExpertData.

Fuck him hard!
Is Scammer, be careful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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