SELLING Personal data of 106MILLION travellers THAILAND
by DxoT - September 22, 2021 at 03:26 PM

Selling Database containing personal info on 106m people who traveled to Thailand

contact me on Telegram for sample: @az59608
This forum account is currently banned. Ban Length: Permanent (N/A).
Ban Reason: Multi-Accounting and Scam Attempts.
What data does the database contain? What price? Attach a sample.
Refuses to provide a sample.
I suspect he simply created a counter offer to today's topic with a purchase. But this is just my opinion.
I highly recommend using an escrow.
106m people who traveled to Thailand .... provide a sample.
hey inbox me, do you have sample?
please use the middleman service here, to avoid being scammed:
hey bro, can you provide a sample? pls contact me. this is my [email protected]
Assuming this is related to this:

Be safe when purchasing, verify samples. + Use Middleman
He is a liar
Don't send money
Don't send money

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