SELLING Large Saudi Insurance Broker (Never sold or leaked)
by arabsecurity - April 25, 2021 at 01:54 PM
Selling archive of ALL DATA from the main server of Saudi Arabian large insurance broker company (PM for name of company). Including a lot of data of clients (companies and people) and partners.

This company clients: Arab national bank (a lot of data), different international bank's invoices, medical claims, car accident claims and so on. Broker has 30 partners.

We have:
1- all data of insurance broker. Their comissions, contracts etc.
2- all data of partners: insurance companis, medical centres, car repair workshops etc
3- all data of partner's clients (people personal data, their medical claims, all medical documentation, all car documentation)
4- Arab National Bank autopark info (cars, numberplates, drivers, VIP cars etc)
5- Databases with about 3kk insured cars with VIN, plates, drivers info etc
6- A lot of contracts of insurance companies with clients
7- insurance policies
8- people documents (passports, driver licenses etc)
9- all employees of broker company and their contacts (including CEO)
10- insurance claims, bank claim invoices with all info
11- broker comission bank invoices
12- much more.

PRICE: Propose your price. We will choose largest price and will sell it to someone who gives more money.
about 300gb of data.

Please PM with your price and TOX contacts.
Will send any proofs in TOX.
The arab especially saudi data is very hard to cashout :(
Hello, plaese pm me. For some reason I cannot start the message in pm.

I am interested and want to know payment method > Thanks.
The data is still never sold.
Some samples of data here:
Please PM with YOUR price, thanks.

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