SELLING Huge Brazilian spy application Database 700GB+
by ContentInside - July 23, 2020 at 04:38 PM
I'm selling a huge brazilian leak (~700GB)

Spy applications are very common today. Husbands install these apps on their wives' devices. And vice versa.

These applications are capable of:

Listening to phone calls,
listen to the microphone in real time,
Access the rear and front camera remotely,
Access the device screen,
Collect whatsapp messages,
Collect whatsapp audios,
Collect whatsapp images,
Collect sms,
Copy contacts,
GPS location history,
and much more

I am selling access to the database of one of these applications, containing:
email, password in plain text, keylogger logs, GPS history, whatsapp messages, whatsapp messages, whatsapp audios, whatsapp photos, browser/app history.

of approximately 70 thousand users.

    agendamento                                        instagram
    audiowa                                            mensagens
    boleto                                            migrar
    c2dm                                              pagseguro
    celular1                                          plano
    celular_new                                        promocao
    celular                                            revenda
    chamadas_new2                                      secreta
    chamadas_new3                                      serialcelular
    chamadas_new                                      serial
    chamadas                                          site
    comandos                                          sms
    contato                                            tabela
    escuta                                            teclado
    facebook                                          usuario
    fotolive                                          whatsappcontato
    fotos                                              whatsapp


The package also contains: The source code of the server and the application (android), 700GB+ of private photos, video, audio files of the infected devices.

Q: How to make money on this data?
R: There are several ways to make money from it. I am willing to teach how. Most of these forms include extortion and accounts stealing, from both the person who installed the spy application and the victim.

Q: Why don't you even make money from this data yourself?
R: We only sell data, we don't work with extortion.

Q: Do you agree to negotiate with an intermediary?
R: Yes, but only if the forum administrator is the intermediary. And the buyer must pay the fee.

Q: Will you sell this data to someone else?
R: No, to ensure that you make good money from this data, we will only sell this data to a single buyer. After that, all data will be deleted from our files.

Q: Are passwords really in plain text?
R: Yes, the developer has not encrypted user passwords, allowing full access to multiple email accounts and other services like Amazon, MercadoPago, MercadoLivre, Netflix, bank accounts, spotify, etc.

Q: How much money can I make with this data?
R: As there are several ways to make money from this data, it is difficult to estimate. With extortion, we believe it is possible to achieve 5 BTC (In fact, it can achieve much more, but we are presenting a pessimistic and conservative view).

You can also use the source codes and create your own application service. But we recommend that you fix the vulnerabilities that we found. In this specific case, each customer paid about $ 20 USD per month. And in the database, there are about 70 thousand users. Do the math.

Q: What is the price of this wonderful thing?
R: 0,5 BTC

contact: [email protected]
This is still available
you dont have sample data, for proof?
(July 29, 2020 at 07:16 PM)JWMvkqx3FCQelZQ Wrote: you dont have sample data, for proof?

Sure,  I sent you by PM ....
u have sample data, for proof? pm me pls
(July 30, 2020 at 12:35 PM)maxelf Wrote: u have sample data, for proof? pm me pls

Of course, I sent it to you.
We decided to sell the data without access to the original server for a cheaper price.

The prices are:
USD 2,5 K - For the data
USD 4 K for the data with the access to the original server
Receive data from Europe, the United States, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, TW, Canada, you can do FB data first-hand or second-hand, you can get aw, independent site data, or the great god of the site can contact me, data Use by yourself, not out
Someone who sells add my telegram @appleces
Sample for proof pwz :D thnk u much
sample for proof, are you selling logs? do they come with cookies?

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