by Update - November 20, 2021 at 02:11 AM
EU GreenPass available!

Information needed:

  1. Name
  2. Lastname
  3. D.O.B (Date of Birth)
  4. Phone no. (this can be in your desire, random number just remember to save it)

The GreenPass will come into a PDF version. It will work with all GreenPass apps after 14 days of the 2nd dose. 
  • ***It is not generated at random, using keys, changing data of already given GreenPass ect.
  • ***It is genuine completition of aplication, with genuine dates, genuine lots, and ID numbers.
  • ***You do not need to be present in order to get the GreenPass.
  • ***This is a transaction for 2 doses only.

For a safe transaction, the delivery time varies between 1-2 weeks. Manufacturer is BioTech (always), for those who do not know it means Pf1z3r. 

Now the monetary part, 

Price is USD 1500 or EUR 1331. (crypto only)

Of course, middleman is accepted with staff of RF

There is no chargeback for any occasion unless order not furfilled from my side. 

We offer anonymity and guarantee that your life will continue like everyone else who did it genuinly.

For people that are old and 3 doses are required, there is a different price.

Thank you!

P.S For every skeptical mind out there, if you need this service, come throw a comment and lets work. Please save your comment that waste both sides time and energy. I am sure you have other better things to do, as do I. 

Contact via PM directly!

EU set the validity of the Covpass for 9 months!

Contact only in PM! Not in comment section!

If there will be a 4th dose mandate, all the orders will be in batches. That means, i will not start orders without reaching a minimum number of clients. This is due to Pfizer doses, as they come in batches, have lot numbers, id numbers and getting 4 for each client will be harder.

Remember, contact only in PM, not in telegram, not in comments ect.

Thank you

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