SELLING Dreamon ransomware (Crypt / Decrypt) | And also Source (Source)
by Cyber_Bot - October 27, 2020 at 03:58 AM
 [Conditional designation ransomware]
 [*] Written in .Net [C #].[*]
 [*] Using CLR Hosting technology (you get the original file) - Allows to bypass Windows Defender[*]
 [*] Minimum file size (17-20 KB) | (Original - 38.0 KB)[*]
 [*] Encrypt AES-256 file (work in stealth mode) `[*]
 [*] Deleting system restore points (can't be recovered after encryption)[*]
 [*] Restriction for starting a second instance of the application[*]
 [*] Restrictions on launches in the CIS countries (Does not work on the territory of the Russian Federation)[*]
 [*] Smart check (does not encrypt files that have been encrypted twice)[*]
 [*] Encrypt entire file (max 100 MB limit) - At user request it can be changed.[*]
 [*] Adds an .html file with information about the transfer of funds to each folder.[*]
 [*] Ignore system files and directories (to prevent system crash)[*]
 [*] Protection from starting on virtual machines, sandboxes, etc.[*]
 [*] Scans and encrypts all found disks, flash drives, network drives, etc.[*]
 [*] Deletes all files from the trash.[*]
 [*] Removed at the end of the job, leaving no trace.[*]

 [*] Works no worse than genuine ransomware and better than most.[*]
 [*] When you buy, you get additional Native ransomware[*]
 [*] Does not work with panels (does not send any requests to the network, for better security)[*]
 [*] Key with hash, protection against in-memory detection.[*]
 [*] No additional encryption algorithms are required (performance and security have deteriorated)[*]
 [*] Files encrypted on the fly (very large gig files are encrypted from 1 to 2-3 minutes, depending on the power of the computer)[*]

[#] Price of all project sources: 2500 $

Check : Dreamon Ransomware

I agree with the guarantor on fees!
 All of them are honest and of high quality.
 ================================================== ================================================== ==================
 Tested on:
 * Windows Server 2012 r2
 * Windows 7 x64 | x32
 * Windows 10 x64 | x32
 =================================== =============== =================================== =============== =================

 Scan Ransomware (Original)

Scan Ransomware (Net)

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