SELLING Developper Service
by MohamedSafe - April 26, 2021 at 01:47 PM
I sell my programming services.

Competences :
-JAVASCRIPT (JS Script & NodeJS)

I can do either legit websites;apps or malware; spreading tools etc..

Some exemples below of project (Not Representing my whole developpement competences)

Remote Administration Tool connected to a secure PHP Server:
[Image: q6RTh28.png]

Simple Shop connected to Shoppy API to recover products :
[Image: TydQQ4w.png]

[CUSTOMER REQUEST] Captcha Challenger with Economy gains when filling captchas, connected to a Server
[Image: 3rNcZE3.png]

Clean Working Dox Admin Panel for a website (feedback generated for example) :
[Image: IdQPuxe.png]
[Image: tcld3PK.png]

Account generator for a retarded website :

My prices can be costy sometimes, but quality have a price.
Discord : xPyth#5693
This message is an actual Bump.
This message is an actual Bump.

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