SELLING Crypto Stealer (Clipboard Changer Malware)
by creeptek - November 22, 2021 at 05:38 PM
What is this ?
It's software(malware) that monitors victims clipboard for crypto adresses and replaces with yours.

And ?
When victim is infected with this malware. When he/she wants to send crypto to somebody, he copies crypto address, and paste this into wallet and hit send.
In the background malware is replacing copied crypto address with yours. In that case you receive the crypto to your wallet.

More about software:
FUD (Antivirus wont detect)
Supports any crypto addreses.

Price 30$.

P.S Don't ask me how to spread this software. There is many tutorials online about "spreading". And i'm not responsible for your blackhat actions Wink
Peace Wink

My jabber [email protected]
First, hot-chilli's privacy policy states they log data and work with law enforcment so why would you sell malware with them. Secondly, "(Antivirus wont detect)" specify which AntiViruses don't detect with proof and "wont" should be "won't".
Thanks for heads up about chili jabber. But i don't care. They can log whatever they want. I use hidden service to connect and OTR to chat. Jabber servers sucks in general. If someone wants to talk i can use Session or TOX.

Can you recommend good malware friendly AV checker ? I tested locally with AVG,Avira,Kaspersky. I don't want to give VT my exe

ok, won't Wink

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