SELLING Bitmex Account 6 BTC
by davidarnold0151 - August 16, 2020 at 06:50 AM
Bitmex account with 6 BTC

Price: $1300

PM for details
lol you are pretty funny guy.
Sure you give my 60000.- and i give 1300.- in return That sounds like a good deal
Writing only once. Some motherfuckers think they are very clever. I like to see such people very much and it is very unfortunate that this is just a forum and we cannot see each other. Otherwise do not flood the topic with your bullshit. I don't give 6 BTC but provide access to a Bitmex account (screenshots available) that has 6 BTC. If you can get it out to your wallet very good then it will be 6 BTC for $1300 I have no problem with it.
hahahaha scam is coming
hit me up, maybe i get it out, than i pay you.

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