SELLING Acxiom Data - 100 Million US
by lili - September 23, 2020 at 04:48 PM

I am selling a Acxiom Database -  100 Million US.

Date: 2020
Only BTC payment

Data: ProspectID Abilitec ID Household Abilitec ID ProspectID Investing - Active Business Owner Occupation - Detail - Input Individual Vehicle - New Used Indicator - 1st Vehicle Vehicle - New Used Indicator - 2nd Vehicle Discretionary Income Index Sports and Leisure - SC Spectator Sports - Auto / Motorcycle Racing Spectator Sports - Football Spectator Sports - Baseball Spectator Sports - Basketball Spectator Sports - Hockey Spectator Sports - Soccer Spectator Sports - Tennis Collectibles - Sports Memorabilia NASCAR Truck Owner Vehicle - Truck/Motorcycle/RV Owner Motorcycle Owner RV Owner Apparel - Female Apparel MOB's Mail Order Buyer Categories Apparel - Jewelry MOB's Apparel - Male Apparel MOB's Apparel - Plus Size Women's Clothing MOB's Apparel - Teen Fashion MOB's Apparel - Unknown Type Art & Antique MOB's Arts and Crafts MOB's Auto Supplies MOB's Beauty MOB's Book MOB's Children's Merchandise MOB's Collectible MOB's Computer Software MOB's Electronic MOB's Equestrian MOB's Food MOB's General Gifts and Merchandise MOB's Gift MOB's Health MOB's Home Furnishing and Decorating MOB's Merchandise - High Ticket Merchandise MOB's Merchandise - Low Ticket Merchandise MOB's Music MOB's Outdoor/Gardening MOB's Outdoor/Hunting & Fishing MOB's Pet Supplies MOB's Sports - Golf MOB's Sports MOB's Travel MOB's Video/DVD MOB's Mail Order Donor NetWorth Home Assessed Value - Ranges Home Property Type Detail Home Square Footage - Actual Home Year Built - Actual Adult Age Ranges Present in Household Males 18-24 Females 18-24 Unknown Gender 18-24 Males 25-34 Females 25-34 Unknown Gender 25-34 Males 35-44 Females 35-44 Unknown Gender 35-44 Males 45-54 Females 45-54 Unknown Gender 45-54 Males 55-64 Females 55-64 Unknown Gender 55-64 Males 65-74 Females 65-74 Unknown Gender 65-74 Males 75+ Females 75+ Unknown Gender 75+ Children's Age Ranges Present in Household Age 00 - 02 Male Age 00 - 02 Unknown Gender Age 03 - 05 Male Age 03 - 05 Female Age 03 - 05 Unknown Gender Age 06 - 10 Male Age 06 - 10 Female Age 06 - 10 Unknown Gender Age 11 - 15 Male Age 11 - 15 Female Age 11 - 15 Unknown Gender Age 16 - 17 Male Age 16 - 17 Female Age 16 - 17 Unknown Gender Occupation - 1st Individual Occupation - 2nd Individual Home Owner / Renter Length of Residence Dwelling Type Marital Status in the Household First Name - 1st Individual Name / Gender - 1st Individual Middle Initial - 1st Individual Gender - Input Individual First Name - 2nd Individual Name / Gender - 2nd Individual Middle Initial - 2nd Individual Gender - 2nd Individual Base Record Verification Date Mail Order Buyer Age in Two-Year Increments - 1st Individual Age in Two-Year Increments - 2nd Individual Working Woman Mail Order Responder Credit Card Indicator Bank Card Holder Gas/Department/Retail Card Holder Travel and Entertainment Card Holder Credit Card Holder - Unknown Type Premium Card Holder Upscale Card Holder Presence of Children Age in Two-Year Increments - Input Individual Number of Adults Occupation - Input Individual InfoBase Positive Match Indicator Number of Sources Income - Estimated Household Home Market Value Vehicle - New Car Buyer Vehicle - Known Owned Number Vehicle - Dominant Lifestyle Indicator Online Purchasing Indicator Apartment Number Overall Match Indicator Credit Card - Frequency of Purchase Purchase 0 - 3 Months Purchase 4 - 6 Months Purchase 7 - 9 Months Purchase 10 - 12 Months Purchase 13 - 18 Months Purchase 19 - 24 Months Purchase 24+ Months Retail Activity Date of Last Retail Purchases - Categories Standard Retail, Membership Warehouse Standard Retail, Catalog Showroom / Retail Buyers Standard Retail, Main Street Retail Standard Retail, High Volume Low End Department Store Buyers Standard Retail, Standard Retail Standard Specialty, Sporting Goods Standard Specialty, Specialty Apparel Standard Specialty, Specialty Standard Specialty, Computer / Electronics Buyers Standard Specialty, Furniture Buyers Standard Specialty, Home Office Supply Purchases Standard Specialty, Home Improvement Upscale Retail - High End Retail Buyers, Upscale Retail Upscale Specialty, Travel / Personal Services Bank, Financial Services - Banking Finance Company, Financial Services - Install Credit Oil Company, Oil Company Miscellaneous, Financial Services - Insurance Miscellaneous, TV / Mail Order Purchases Miscellaneous, Grocery Miscellaneous, Miscellaneous Retail Purchases - Most Frequent Category Education - 1st Individual Education - 2nd Individual Education - Input Individual Suppression - Mail - DMA PersonicX Cluster Personicx Cluster Code Precision Level COMPANY NAME ADDR CITY STATE ZIP ZIP4 BUSINESS STATUS CODE ULTIMATE PARENT NUMBER PRIMARY SIC CODE EMPLOYEE SIZE CODE (Location Employment) NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES (ACTUAL) CORPORATE EMPLOYEE SIZE CODE TOTAL NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES (ACTUAL) SALES VOLUME CODE (Location Sales) ESTIMATED SALES VOLUME CORPORATE SALES VOLUME CODE TOTAL SALES VOLUME (ACTUAL) CREDIT RATING CODE GROWING COMPANY CODE PHONE ABI NUMBER MCH SCR Ticketing System Account ID First Name Last Name Email Home Phone Mobile Phone Address 1 Address 2 City State Postal Code Country BusinessName WorkTitle WorkEmailAddress BusinessAddressLine1 BusinessAddressLine2 BusinessCity BusinessState BusinessPostalCode BusinessCountry BusinessPhone InfoUSAID Age 00 - 02 Female Gender - 1st Individual Abilitec ID Append Date Acxiom Consumer Append Date InfoGroup Business Append Date Personicx Digital Cluster Personicx Digital Cluster Code Net Worth Gold SIC Category

Sample: Data

Acxiom is one of the largest data brokers in the world, yet few average consumers know much about it. He has data for more 500 million consumers worldwide.
More info about acxiom api person:

Coming soon: Corelogic database and ConsumerView_02_2020.yxdb
Your Price for database?
another sample :
interested. can u pm me?
many users ask a big sample. here is a big sample with 5k records:
Could you please share the price of db?
the second acxiom db. sample 5k
Bumping this thread. Buy Acxiom Data - 100 Million US
Bumping this thread. Buy Acxiom Data - 100 Million US
I'd like to purchase. How are you pricing it?
pm me for this dbs     Tongue Tongue
another sample:

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